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Gift card services

Gift & Loyalty Customized Solutions
Linx Gift & Loyalty Solutions are completely unique programs that will generate new business for you and build customer loyalty with results that are fully track able! With Linx we also offer custom programs for individual businesses as well as groups, cities, even nationwide companies.

Linx Networking Partnership Solutions bring new customers to you
Who touches your prospect before you do? What is it worth to you to bring a new customer to your business for the first time? With Linx Networking we help you choose desired groups/partners (businesses, customers, local community organizations, etc.) who come in contact with your potential customers before you do. Next we create your customized cards with a desired quantity per partner preloaded with a dollar amount of your choice. Our Linx program does the rest, tracking each partners success by cards redeemed, dates, dollars, and more which is at your fingertips with O.M.S. Anytime (Online Merchant Statements). As new customers redeem your Gift Cards at your business the Linx Program flexibility gives you the ability to grow your program based on the success of each individual partnership.

Linx Loyalty Solutions build your sales & customer loyalty
It costs between 5 & 7 times more to find a new customer than to retain a customer. Our Linx Loyalty programs are customized to your business to help you generate additional sales & build customer loyalty. Linx also tracks the success of your program for you. With O.M.S. Anytime, reports by dollars, dates, quantities and more are at your fingertips. Our Linx System flexibility truly gives you a program that can grow with your business.