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Ecommerce is one of the most important facets of the Internet to have emerged in the recent times. Ecommerce or electronic commerce involves carrying out business over the Internet with the assistance of computers, which are linked to each other forming a network. To be specific ecommerce would be buying and selling of goods and services and transfer of funds through digital communications. Every store owner will benefit from and deserves an affordable ecommerce site.

Deezers ecommerce websites will allow you to:

Collect customer data
Learn who your customers are and what products they prefer. This is a challenge in a classic retail environment since your staff seldom has the time or inclination to ask questions that your customers may be equally reluctant to answer. However, ecommerce gives you the ability to collect and analyze customer data that helps you improve your branding activities and build loyalty. Providing a secure buying experience often encourages your customers to be forthcoming in providing their shopping preference information to your ecommerce website. You can improve your product mix (add or delete some products), pricing matrix (increase, decrease, or maintain current prices), and market to your existing customer base more efficiently (target customer segments, market specific desired products, e-mail sales specials and newsletters to customers who want this information).

Sell 24 hrs/day 7 days/week
Compare the cost of having a physical business open 24/7/365 with having an ecommerce website "open" on the Internet. You enjoy double the benefits with an ecommerce website. First, you make your products and services available for purchase every day around the clock. Should a customer in the U.K., with a six hour time difference from the East Coast of the U.S., wish to make a purchase at 3 a.m. EDT, your business is open. A customer in Hilo, Hawaii, wishing to buy your products at 10 p.m. (4 a.m. EDT) only needs to access your ecommerce website to increase your gross sales figures. Second, you need not pay for excess staff, utilities or any other operating expenses because your web host or dedicated computer servers continue operating to make sales and collect payments.

Expand Your Customer Base
Ecommerce allows people to carry out businesses without the barriers of time or distance. One can log on to the Internet at any point of time, be it day or night and purchase or sell anything one desires at a single click of the mouse. Once your ecommerce site is live, on the internet, your customer base is no longer exclusivle to the individuals in your community. Your customer base has essentially become global, meanning customers can live thousands of miles from your physical location, and just as easily purchase from you as if they lived down the street.

Cut Your Overhead Costs
Consider the cost of creating and maintaining a popular ecommerce website compared with the ongoing operating expense of having multiple stores and offices. Include salaries and benefits, furniture and equipment, utilities, signage, telephones, computers and management costs in your comparison. The fixed and variable costs of having a physical store or office in many locations are much higher than the most expensive state-of-the-art ecommerce website.
Deezers works with you to make it easy.

Most economy ecommerce solutions supply you with a list of what they offer, and then leave you on your own to figure out how to proceed. In order to keep the cost to you as low as possible, our ecommerce sites are created so that you, as a store owner, populates the site with your products, images, sales ect., but the initial design, layout and feel of your site is constructed by a team of creative proffessionals, that work directly with you to give you that unique look. Your ecommerce site will be handed to you as a complete, fully functional online storefront that is ready to sell your products, as you add your products.

A few of Deezers exclusive ecommerce features:

  • Sell an UNLIMITED number of products
  • Create an UNLIMITED number of categories & sub-categories
  • Get UNLIMITED GB per month of bandwidth
  • Recieve at least 10 email accounts
  • 24 / 7 online access to manage and modify your store
  • Professional & unique layout and design of your store
  • Automatic management of customers and orders
  • Allow customers to write reviews on your products
  • Easily create sales and specials
  • Automatic tracking of your stock
  • Create & manage banners to advertize anything
  • Give customers real-time shipping costs
  • Easily resize & optimize your product images
  • Send mass emails & newsletters to your customers

Just like available options for an automobile, we offer add ons for your ecommerce website. Some add ons provide user visual enhancements, much like a color option on an automobile, while other add ons will provide additional functionallity to your store, such as a high performance engine in an automobile. We encourage you to browse our add ons, as most store owners usually choose at least one or two. Add ons will help to make your ecommerce site "yours."

Horizontal Flyout Category Menu
When an individual viewing your site moves the mouse pointer over a product category button, the sub-categories will display to the left or right (depending on your site design) of the category buttons, and will dissapear when the mouse pointer moves off of a product category button. This will give a viewer direct access to a listing of products without having to "click."

Vertical Collapsing Category Menu
On certain site designs, you may not want to constantly show your product categories. This is similar to Horizontal Flyout Category Menu, but the initial highest level categories only dispay when a user's mouse pointer moves over a master button, such as "products" or "categories." After categories appear, the sub-categories will display to the left or right (depending on your site design) of the category buttons.

Additional Shipping Modules
Each Additional Shipping Module will integrate seamlessly with a user's checkout experience through one of the major shipping companies including UPS, Fed Ex, USPS, Real-time data / shipping costs is sent to the checkout based on a customer's shopping cart contents. You specify what kind of shipping methods you wish to offer your customers (i.e. Ground, 2 day, Overnight).

Advanced Shipping Module
Very usefull for stores selling perishable & non-perishable items. If you have a store that contains products that require special shipping such as perishable items, force special shipping for just those particular items, but don't make your customers pay for special shipping on their entire order. This add on will allow customers to choose any shipping method you offer for all of their items, seperate from items that require special shipping. Compatible with all major shipping companies. NOT FULLY COMPATABLE with Edit Customer Orders add on at this time.

Multiple Product Images
Displaying multiple images for a single product can be a determining factor in a sale. Show some different angles of a product, include a scale image such as the product next to a credit card or coin, or if your product has accessories, show your customers what is included in the box so they feel comfortable in their purchase. Up to 4 additional images: price A, up to 8 additional images: priceB

Additional Personalized Pages
Personalized pages examples include pages such as about us, news, store hours, information, etc. Some customers enjoy & feel comforted about hearing a quick backstory on the company they may be purchasing from, most often when it may be a store they have never visited or heard about. All Personalized pages are priced as a quote based on complexity of content.

Additional Banner Location
Banners help to push sales, products and pages that you wish your customers to see, and add graphical interest to your site. With this add on, your web developer will add an additional banner placed in a position that compliments the custom design of your site.

Fade / Slide In-Out Banners
Having your banners fade in & out or slide from left to right is not only visually appealing, but it also allows you to have multiple banners that occupy a single banner location. Think of it as a billboard that changes ads every 3 to 5 seconds.

Flash Advanced Animation Banners
Having your banner ads created in Adobe Flash presents some interesting advantages such as full animation, video, audio and independant links, all from within each of your banners. Flash also allows you to have multiple banners that occupy a single banner location. This add on is highly advanced and requires detailed requests and quotes based on complexity of content.

Edit Customer Orders
Normally, changing a customer's order after it has been placed requires a full void and re-placement of the order. With Edit Customer Orders add on, you are able to view and modify all of the properties of an order that has been placed such as quantity, shipping costs and adding & deleting an item. NOT FULLY COMPATABLE with Advanced Shipping Module at this time.

Credit Card Acceptance Through Deezers
Deezers is a premiere processing company providing: Processing all forms of credit cards, Fleet and private label Online PIN-based debit transactions that require no signature, reduce transaction time, and reduce chargebacks and fraud EBT - Electronic Benefits Transfer adds revenue and reduces fraud while benefiting you and your customers

Award & Gift Cards Through Deezers
The Deezers Award & Gift Card Program enables your customers to earn rewards/points based on their spending. You decide the award levels and how they are redeemed. Points can be converted to dollar value and added back on the card for customer redemption, or the points can be converted to product discounts, specials or additional free goods or services.

Here at Deezers, we set out to make our ecommerce packages as simple to use as possible, so we decided to create a software application from the ground up that works seamlessly with Deezers Ecommerce packages. File Manager will help you with your images, files and communication needs so that you can spend more time enjoying & benifiting from your store instead of launching & maintaining it. Deezers File Manager consists of 4 major parts as follows:

Image Resizer:
Let It Do The Heavy Lifting

The Image Resizer massivley reduces the time consuming labor that optimizing the images for your store involves, into a few simple clicks. No longer will you have to import your product image into a photo editing software program, manually enter a unique name for your image or manually upload images onto your server. Simply open up an image stored on your computer to resize, crop and / or rotate your image, and Image Resizer does the rest for you.

    Image Resizer will automatically:
  • Uniquely name the image based on any combination of: product name, product category, product part number, product manufacturer
  • Create a small, medium and large version of the image
  • Upload all 3 images and place them in thier respective folders on your server
  • Update your store's database with the nessesary information

Image Resizer lets you create product images, category images and manufacturer images.

File Handler:
Take Control Of Those Files

There are literally thousands of files on your server that make your ecommerce store function correctly, and some of the folders & files that you as a store owner need to access in order to populate your store can be nested very deep within other folders. This can make it very confusing to navigate to the desired folder or file. File Handler roots through all the folders and filters out all of the technical files to display only the ones that are required for you to populate & manage your store.
Once you have choosen a folder, File Handler alows access to files in the following ways:
  • Quick view the file, as long as the file is an image
  • Rename the file
  • Download the file to your computer or device
  • Delete the file from your server

Send Files To Your Developer

Especially in the development stages of your ecommerce site, there can be times that you need to send files such as images or word documents to your web developer for use on your site. It may be your company logo, product images, or text that contains product descriptions. Of course we can send attachments through email messages, but with Uploading, you can just click and send. With most email systems, the max file size limit you are able to send as an attachment is limited to 10 MB, while Uploading allows up to 194 MB. This enables you to send files that can be quite large such as high-quality images, audio, video and Photoshop files, and once you have uploaded your file, it will be immediately available to your web developer to use and for you to manage with File Handler.

Instantly Reach Your Developer

In staying consistent with making things as easy as possible, Contact simply sends an email directly to your web developer without you having to open your email client program. The sender email address is pre populated with the default email address on the Deezers Ecommerce Package account, so just type your message and send.

Comming Soon To Future File Manager Releases versions 1.1 - 1.2
Video Tutorals: Watch video tutorals on managing your ecommerce site, using the Deezers File Manager, and best practices for the web.
Image Resizer For Additional Product Images: If you have purchased the multiple product images add-on, you will be able to add additional images to your products just as easily as modifying your other images.

Additional Services

Company Logo Design

Product & General Photography

Store Population

Graphics For Print Applications

Image Retouching & Manipulation